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“make it last all year.”

this house is too unstable to do any Good in. surely u know what that’s like, brother, sister. tis the season for Muppet Christmas. 99% of the time we put it on for it’s numbing effects.Puppets preaching the change of a 1% sort must have been possible in the early 90s. But Surely That’s NotContinue reading ““make it last all year.””


“i left one world with the help of another”- M.M. should i come back just to prove i’m there? this sort of ambition makes my blood boil. my dog asleep on the floor lets out 4 snores. if i could kill, hollywood style… a lesser bird makes a horrid shriek. breath. and a sigh comesContinue reading “mastery”


Howard Stern’s bros recently posted a video of you singing that song. the way they did it concerned me. no birthday shout-outs, nothing. just cus they’re great guys i guess? i say this cus when i clicked on it Something inside immediately triggered some sort of protective rage. it was one of those moments whereContinue reading “Fiona”

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