“make it last all year.”

this house is too unstable to do any Good in.

surely u know what that’s like, brother, sister.

tis the season for Muppet Christmas.

99% of the time we put it on for it’s numbing effects.
Puppets preaching the change of a 1% sort must have been possible in the early 90s.

But Surely That’s Not Possible Here? Now?

but tonight we went in another direction. something we hadn’t heard before.
cutesy looking “Fireside Christmas.”

…and lo: 2/17. that’s a merry omen!

“when a cold wind blows it chills you. chills you to the bone.

but there’s nothing in nature that freezes your heart like years of being alone.”

my wife froze to death around the same age.
you may know this, as i’ve been a “broken record” about it…

(full disclosure, it was just as new to US as it was to u. in all fairness tho, i thought i was addressing humans, fully ignorant of the fact that the camera aims to drain most of that dross out in production.)

regardless. Her Truth chills to the bone.
and she froze up listening to this Xmas story by the greatest Russian ever

take heart in knowing that Her access to that Tree in the Now is limitless.
and when She does, it is beyond your understanding.
for Her flying doesn’t have a tail.
so there’s no need for a number to take flight.

“the world will be saved by beauty.” said the author of the Heavenly Christmas Tree.

true beauty is often the most grotesque ugly made whole.

Gd, u’d be fucking beautiful flying without a tail.

straight wandering.

deep roots are not, motherfucker.

p.s. if any Full bodied reader wants to make a quick youtube video of yourself reading James Thurber’s “The Bear Who Let It Alone”, that would be most appreciated. but don’t let the camera drain your Humanness. the sexier the better. no hobbit feet.

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