“i left one world with the help of another”- M.M.

should i come back just to prove i’m there?

this sort of ambition makes my blood boil. my dog asleep on the floor lets out 4 snores.

if i could kill, hollywood style… a lesser bird makes a horrid shriek.

breath. and a sigh comes up from the floor.

think of you and think coward. a v8 with a bad exhaust enters the highway.

what a waste. i’ll wait tho. can you see what i see, beast?

the mystical law. the experts.

more weight.

remember that time i found a box in that community recyclin bin by the fire station?

per chance.

“x factor- see the clarity.” i jumped in to get it because i thought it was such a cool box.

had all this foam padding to keep the preciouses safe.

…i often wonder where those exact preciouses ended up.

who’s pocket are they in?

i’m starting to brag. shoot me.

we’d make a great team tho right?

me with all my life. you will all your death.

tho i don’t really understand your game.

(i don’t think you do either.)

but alas. you are not real.

and i am.

so enjoy the show.

(i’m going to wait for an ender-ender for this post, so if you’re not part of the live-stream slaves, just know that this next bit may have taken a few minutes to think of.)

it never comes.

you want good art? be Real with me.

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