Howard Stern’s bros recently posted a video of you singing that song. the way they did it concerned me. no birthday shout-outs, nothing. just cus they’re great guys i guess?

i say this cus when i clicked on it Something inside immediately triggered some sort of protective rage. it was one of those moments where one anticipates from afar exactly what Human emotion is about to grow.

i didn’t even wanna watch it. like if my sister was on The Bachelor, i def wouldn’t watch it. every week that she managed to hang her heart for them roses i would pop in the VHS from our ’97 road trip to Disney and keep replaying the part where i knocked her on her ass and she rolled down the manicured slope at some rest-stop in Georgia. and my subsequent, unequivocal denial that i had any part in her fall. (tho it was all on film).

but im glad i did.

Empathy, bro.

One love.

you’re a fucking Queen. thank you for the past 2 decades of grit and the past 7 months of unequivocal True grit.

you def don’t build in vain.


also, your toes are weird.

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